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Shopping palza


This case study is applicable to a shopping mall, where a high & large space air conditioner (circulating air heating unit) is used to effectively solve the heating problem in the mall. The medium used for circulation is water.

AirTS has developed and produced special energy-saving air conditioning systems for high and large space, covering the source of cold and hot water systems, steam systems, power systems, gas direct combustion systems and refrigerant systems, effectively solving the needs of 4-30 meters high & large space heating, ventilation, refrigeration, humidification, dehumidification, dust removal and other needs.

AirTS High Space Air Conditioning products have been widely used in the mechanical processing, automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, metallurgy and chemical industries, warehousing and logistics, electronic appliances, food and pharmaceuticals, and other industrial sectors, as well as in venues, supermarkets, cinemas, water parks, stadiums, restaurants, and other civilian fields.

Shopping mall in Gansu

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