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Control System for High & Large Space Air Conditioner
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AirTS-V Air-conditioning Control System

Wireless control operation

Remote maintenance service

Intelligent frequency conversion control

Comfortable air supply

Control of variable air volume and water volume

Equipment state and data analysis

Single machine control, zone control

Self-cleaning and automatic replacement of filter net

Anti-falling warning and monitoring

Anti-freezing protection

System linkage control

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Some System Functions

AirTS-V Air-conditioning Control System


• All parameters

• Wind intensity

• Temperature and humidity in working area

• Output power

• Check the frequency modulator

• Equipment balance



• Air outlet angle setting

• Wind intensity setting

• Water flow adjustment

• Backblowing and dust removal function


• Switch time setting

• Holiday function setting

• Automatic temperature control setting

• Regional temperature setting

• Automatic dust removal setting


• Wind speed limit setting

• Cold and hot season setting

• Anti-freezing protection setting

• Control mode


Timer ON/OFF

Centralized display and control

Worry-free hosting function

Fall prevention warning monitoring

Wireless control

Mobile app monitoring

Filter net self cleaning

Single machine control, zone control

Wireless control

Remote maintenance

Auto protection

Air velocity and intensity control

Auto temp control

System linkage control

Supply air wind free

Intelligent inverter control

Control of variable air and water volume

Data collection and analysis

Compatible with multi systems

Energy saving


AirTS-V Air-conditioning Control System

 Industrial-grade touch screen computer, humanized setting, wireless control mode for all functions of equipment. 

 It has the remote control capacity, and multiple port extensions or upgrades.

 1. Industrial grade wall-mounted computer with touch screen

 2. Working around the clock

 3. 220V electrical connection, placed in any position
 4. Centralized display, control of all devices
 5. Small and exquisite, beautiful, small space usage
 6. Convenient monitoring and control




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+86 136 7509 6029

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+86 136 7509 6029
+86 136 7509 6029

+86 136 7509 6029