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Coco-Cola workshop


Practical analysis and technical evaluation of specialized air conditioning for high & large space

Project Overview:

The North China factory of COFCO Coca-Cola is located in Xianghe County, Langfang city, Hebei Province. It covers an area of 140,000㎡, and the first phase of the project involves constructing factory building with an area of 65,000㎡.

A total of 9 production lines will be built, with an annual capacity of 250 million standard cases. This facility will serve as a significant production base for Coca-Cola in the North China region

The North China factory of COFCO Coca-Cola pays great attention to low-carbon environmental protection, emphasizing the use of green clean energy and the recycling of resources in building design and production operations.

During the construction process of this factory, the entire project's HVAC solution is being comprehensively implemented with energy-saving high & large space air conditioning units. AirTS is the supplier of the air conditioning system for this project.

The initial design of the project just only considered the heating and fresh air demand within the factory area. Under the operating conditions with a supply water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and a return water temperature of 40℃, the total quantity of High & Large spaces dedicated air conditioning units are 50 heating-only units, and 18 heating units with fresh air.

After multiple technical discussions and considering the specific usage requirements of the project, we have made some adjustments to the original design proposal

COFCO Coca-Cola workshops

1. Regarding the temperature requirement for the warehouse is only above 5℃, reducing the quantity of heating units to meet usage needs and lower initial investment considerations.

2. The temperature inside the factory building is high during the summer. Considering the comfort of employees and the improvement of production efficiency, it has been decided to add air conditioning units for fresh air circulation in densely populated areas. And the originally designed heating-only unit will be replaced with a cooling and heating fresh air unit

3. Regarding the workshop entrance, considering the unsatisfactory air flow isolation effect of the ordinary air curtain machines used in previous projects, and the frequent opening of the doors due to high daily warehouse shipment volume, it is necessary to use industrial-grade door Air Curtain Units for high & large space to achieve effective air isolation

The door opens automatically using photoelectric sensor, effectively isolating the indoor and outdoor airflow to reduce heat loss.

4. The negotiation zone in the office building has a corridor area with a ceiling height of 17 meters. Considering the limitations of traditional air conditioning systems to meet the temperature requirements, 8 high & large space cooling and heating units have been installed, to effectively fulfill the cooling and heating needs. The operational results are satisfactory.

5. In the cafeteria area, use AirTS 4-5meter air conditioning units to improve dining environment.

At the COFCO Coca-Cola ShiJiaZhuang production base, 2 cooling and heating units were installed and achieved satisfactory results. Based on this, a comprehensive implementation of the North China project was carried out.

COFCO Coca-Cola workshops

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