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Side Mounting Gas Heating Unit

The heating unit can be installed indoor or embedded in walls, adopting the side mounting to supply air. It adopts direct combustion of gas in the gas coil to heat the air, with high heat exchange efficiency.

Stepless regulation of heating volume, instant-on units, anti-freeze protection, sufficient burning, environmental emissions, multiple security protection, safe and reliable.

Model: AirTS-GS

Function: heating

Hot source or medium: natural gas

Control mode: wireless control, variable frequency, auto monitoring

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Working Principle

Natural gas mixed with air burned through burner, and the heat passes through heat exchanger.

The axial fan provides power to top side, make the return air take away the heat through heat exchager.

After two pressure boosts and silencers, hot air sent to the heating area in the floor.

Side Mounting Gas Heating Unit

Side Mounting Gas Heating Unit


Real-time monitoring

Multiple guarantees, safe and reliable

Low investment, easy installation

Accurate energy saving

Fall prevention warning and monitoring

Gas consumption accurately proportioned to air volume

Optional function of fresh air

Optional function of exhaust air ,fresh air and heat exchange

Technical Comparison

The gas heating system as follows

The gas heating system as follows

A. Low initial investment - 20% lower initial investment compared to traditional methods

B. Low running costs - direct heating, waterless system saves 40% of operating costs

C. Low maintenance costs - simple system and low failure rate

The water heating system as follows

The water heating system as follows

A. High initial investment - complex system and many equipment

B. High running costs - 30~40% of non-heating ineffective losses

C. High maintenance costs - more equipment, more failure points, high failure rate

Advantage of gas heating unit

1. Thermal conversion efficiency is above 96%.

2. Deliver heat directly and possess the capability to recover heat from the top of the space, thereby reducing temperature gradients within the space.

3. Stepless regulation of heating capacity (automatically adjust gas flow according to temperature requirement) and accurate temperature control.

4. To meet the heating requirements of the same project,the quantity of equipment is half compared with gas radiation unit.

5. The air volume is accurately proportioned according to the gas flow (one-thousandth fine adjustment) to ensure full combustion and environmentally friendly emissions.


Side Mounting Gas Heating Unit

Side-mounting Gas Heating Unit
Rotating speed of fanr/min0~860
Standard circulating air volumem³/h0~12500
Electric powerkW0~2.93
Applicable distance for horizontal air supplym4~17
Heating capacitykW0~104.31
Air consumptionm³/h10.29 (Working condition)/ 11.14 (Standard condition)
Supply gas pressureKpa5~10
Working pressureKpa2
Thermal efficiencyη96.00%
Control mode
Stepless regulation of variable gas volume and wind speed

Side Mounting Gas Direct-Fired Heating Unit

Inlet air pipe

DN20 (external thread)
Exhaust air pipe


• Notes: The above sizes and weight are corresponding to single burner (54.75kW).

• There are optional items for dual fuel burner (109.5kW) and three slot burner (164.25kW).

• It is recommended to use a dual fuel burner or three-slot burner configuration in cold areas.

• Each additional set of burners:

Height B increase: 400mm

Weight increase: 83kg

Gas consumption increase: 5.21m³/h

Power consumption increase: 75W





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