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Gas Thermal Radiation Unit
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Variable Gas Volume Heat Radiation Unit

Applications: solving the heating needs for high and large space

Feature: accurately adjust the ratio of gas and natural air, maximize the use of wireless intelligent control.Multiple security protection, accurate energy-saving, low installed cost, safe and reliable.

Model: AirTS-G

Function: heating

Hot source or medium: natural gas

Control mode: wireless control, variable-frequency, auto-monitoring

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Working Principle

The principle step of fuel gas infrared radiation heating:

The gas-fired infrared radiant heating system adopts a mixture of gas and air to burn in a radiator.

Heat is radiated to the object surface by means of infrared radiation as the sun shines.

Some of the infrared ray is absorbed into the object as heat, and part of the infrared ray is reflected by secondary radiation.

The heat absorbed by an irradiated object is transferred to surrounding air or other object.

Variable Gas Volume Heat Radiation Units


Saving investment

Convenient and flexible layout

U-shaped radiant tube

Linear type radiant tube

Variable air flow

Easy for installation

Air stratification

Wireless control


Easy for installation

• Fuel gas or liquefied gas can be used without boiler and operation and maintenance personnel.

Saving investment

• The gas-fired infrared radiant heating system omits the complex system of traditional heating method, such as heat exchange station, which greatly saves the initial investment.

No dust

• It adopts the mode of gas-fired infrared radiant heating to avoid indoor air convection and dust, which is good for maintaining a good environment.

Convenient and flexible layout

• It takes up small space and is less affected by space restriction. It can be installed in the specified position according to requirements, such as station local heating.

Switch on it while using

• It can be intermittent heating, and can be switched on when you need it, without heating all the air in the space.

Air stratification

• Infrared radiation travels through the air and directly heats the irradiated object, with a small process loss.

The enclosed structure has low insulation requirements

• In poor insulation environments such as: long-term open door, open air, the people can still feel the warmth of sunlight even when the wind is cold.

Safety and environmental protection

• Various safety detection methods, the use of worry-free. Full combustion, ultra-low tail gas nitrogen oxide emission, energy saving and environment protection.


Variable Gas Volume Heat Radiation Unit

Variable Gas Volume Heat Radiation Unit
Output of heatkW5.47~54.75
Operation mode
Operation under positive pressure
Type of fuel gas
Natural gas (CNG/LNG)
Maximum gas consumptionm³/h5.4
Supply gas pressure in front of the pressure relief valve at equipment endKpa5~10
Working pressure behind the pressure relief valve at equipment endKpa2
Power supply
Single-phase alternating current 220V50HZ
Gas tightnessl/h≤ 0.006
dB≤ 35
CO emission index of tail gas
≤ 0.001%

Linear type standard lengthm18.5
U-shaped standard lengthm10
Pipe diametermm102
Connecting bend size of two pipesmm400×500
Size of radiant tube cover (W×H)mm330×170
Burner head size (L×W×H)mm500×240×390




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