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Heating Unit
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Humidifying Heating Unit

Applications: ideal for high and large space (H: 4-30m) that needs heating and humidifying. Temp and humidifying capacity can be auto controlled by using wireless temp & humidity monitor.

Model: AirTS-HD-I, AirTS-HD-II

Function: heating, humidifying

Hot source: hot water (40-90℃)/steam (<120℃)

Control mode: wireless control, variable frequency, auto monitoring

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Working Principle

When hot water or steam passes the equipment, the efficient heat exchanger in the equipment is used to achieve rapid heating of the air.

The large wind pressure axial fan installed on the top is used to forcedly press the hot air down. Then the air is subject to pressure boost twice through the silencer sponge and the lower trapezoidal convergence, swirls out from the nozzle through the guide vane and is distributed throughout the space from top to down.


By adjusting wind speed and air outlet angle, it achieves comfortable heating environment

Supply air angle stepless regulation

Utilize axial fan to efficiently recover heat from the top, reducing heat loss from the roof, achieving energy-saving effects

High: continuously recover heat from the top space to send the heat to the working area at the bottom

Large: the devices in the space are arranged uniformly with even heat distribution

Space: decrease the temp of roof and surrounding walls, decrease the temp difference with the outside, and reduce heat loss

Long air supply distance, high hot air volume

Humidifying: achieve by a high pressure misting nozzle and require the use of a water softening system

Function: heating, humidifying


Fall prevention warning monitoring

Working data collection and analysis

Variable air volume and water volume

Wireless intelligent control

Filter net self-cleaning

Frost protection

Humidifying function

Support full linkage control

Technical Comparison

AirTS top heating unit

AirTS top heating unit

High and large space air conditioner lifted on the roof

It achieves heating air from the air exchanger in the equipment

It distributes the hot air by means of efficient air distributor, which eliminates the undesirable indoor temp layers

Comfortable heating environment without wind feeling sense

Radiator heating

Radiator heating

In high large space with great depth, using radiator can allow natural air convection as hot air rises

It can only radiate into small area with the range less than 5m. The heat rising to the roof will be dissipated and the temp cannot be achieved effectively in the middle area.

Radiator heating requires high requirements for supply water temp.

AirTS units temp field

Our heating units forcedly and quickly send the hot air down, make the temp in the working area rise rapidly.

Radiator heating temp field

It can be seen from the radiator heating temp field image that the heat is mainly gathered on the roof and the temp is low in the lower working area.


Humidifying Heating Unit

Humidifying Heating Unit

Rotating speed of fanr/min0~9000~860
Standard circulating air volumem³/h0~67000~9700
Electric powerkW0~0.850~1.80
Suitable installation heightm4~104~17
Humidifying mode
High pressure misting nozzle
High pressure misting nozzle
Humidifying medium
Distilled water/low-impurity waterDistilled water/low-impurity water
Standard spray flowkg/h2020
Nozzle working pressureMpa5~75~7

A single unit of equipment is standard configured with 4 nozzles and the maximum spray flow of a single nozzle is 5kg/h.  To increase the humidification amount, the nozzles shall be increased, but the number of the nozzles in a single unit of       equipment shall not exceed 6; otherwise, below the equipment air port is of excessive humidity and poor comfort

Humidifying Heating Unit


N (internal thread)mmDN32DN40
Water volumeL5.89.8





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