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AirTS-F73 High Volume Low Speed Fan

Through strong air agitation to form a circulating airflow field, then generate a large simulated natural wind system, which accelerating air circulation in large spaces and greatly improving environmental comfort.

Model: AirTS-F73

Function: ventilation

Features: low noise, energy-saving, good heat dissipation, large air volume

Control mode: intelligent frequency conversion, wireless control

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Woking Principle

The electric motor drives the blades into rotation, resulting in a powerful airflow.

Its operational principle is based on the principles of centrifugal force and gas dynamics. Enclosed within the fan is an electric motor that transmits power to the blades through a transmission mechanism.

As the motor initiates operation, it sets the blades in motion, causing changes in the surrounding air and thus generating wind.

The AirTS-F series large energy-saving fans adopt wing shaped blades, which can minimize air resistance and efficiently convert electrical energy into kinetic energy of the air.

The airflow covers a range beyond the diameter of fan, pushing the airflow vertically towards the ground, forming a 1-3 meter high airflow layer on the ground, thus forming a super large coverage area not only limited to fan size.


Lifetime increased more than 20%

Protection grade IP65

180°C temperature resistant permanent magnet

Primary energy efficiency

Weight reduced 20%

High quality imported brand bearing

Functions & Features

Stereoscopic natural Wind

PMSM motor with Inner rotor

Knob controller, digital display

Optional mobile APP remote control

Optional wireless control system

Support full AirTS products linkage control

Large converage area

Save more than 30% energy,worked with AirTS air conditioner

Technical Comparison

PMSM VS Gear Shifting Motor

PMSM VS Gear Shifting Motor

PMSM Motor Advantages:

A. More energy saving

B. Simple structure

C. Smaller size and lighter weight

D. Low noise

E. Frequency range: 0-50Hz

F. Direct drive motor without maintance

Gear Shifting Motor Weakness:

A. More power consumption

B. Complex structure

C. Bigger size and heavier weight, loud noise

D. Frequency range: 25-50Hz

E. Gear shifting motor, the gear should be replaced

AirTS-F Inner VS Outer Rotor

AirTS-F Inner VS Outer Rotor

Inner Rotor Structure Advantages:

A. Better heat dissipation: stator is outside (heat source).

B. More safety: the rotating parts are only the motor shaft and fan blades.

C. Longer lifetime: the hanger rod and motor can be integrated as a whole, and the rotating bearings only need to bear the weight of the wind blades, slightly wear.

D. Stable operation: the motor body and fixed steel wire rope are fixed on the motor mounting plate, and the motor does not rotate.


Outer Rotor Structure Weakness:

A. No better heat dissipation: stator is inside (heat source).

B. Less safety: the rotating parts include the motor body and fan blades.

C. Shorter lifetime: single hanger rod, small stress area, and heavy bearing capacity.

D. Easy to shake: the hanger rod bears all the weight of the fan and the torque generated during operation

Standard Control

More Safety and Reliablity

Electrical protection:

lt has protection functions, such as overvoltage, under voltage, loss of voltage regulation, overload, collision, overheating, lightning strike, abnormality, and alarm linkage and so on.

Running indicator light (RUN):

When the light is off, the inverter is in shutdown state; when the light is on, the inverter is in running state.

Keyboard operation, terminal operation and remote operation

(communication control) indicator light (LOC):

.LOC light off: panel start, stop control.

.LOC light on: terminal start, stop control.

.LOC light blink: communication start, stop control.

Tuning, Torque Control, Fault Indicator Light (TUNE):

When the light is on, it means it is in torque control mode. If it flashes slowly, it is in tuning state. If it flashes quickly, it is in fault state.

Optional IoT Control and Wireless Control System

IoT Control by Mobile APP for Android:

1. Remotely monitor the operating status of HVLS Fans

2. Data collection, analysis in time

3. Error alarm when fault happen

4. Support group control about 200 units

Optional Wireless Control System

1. Wireless control operation

2. The host computer can monitor all devices within a radius of 1km

3. Centralized control of multiple devices, partial control, single machine single control

4. Support for remote control by mobile APP

5. Accurate energy-saving and consumption reduction, automatic operation

6. Data recorded, multi-dimensional analysis

7. Support full AirTS products linkage control


AirTS-F73 High Volume Low speed Fan

Blades (PCS)5
Diameter (mm)7300
Rotation Range (RPM)15~55
Max airflow (m³/min)15500
Voltage (V)110/220/380
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Motor power (kW)1.2
Rated current (A)2.7
Noise (dB)38
Coverage area ()1700
Body weight (kg)135





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