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Installation Guidance
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lnstallation Guidance Instructions

1.Before equipment hoisting, it is necessary to read the attached data of the equipment to understand the hoisting demand information such as the weight and size of the equipment    
2.The installation of equipment shall be carried out by professional operators
3.Spare parts and spare parts used for hoisting equipment shall conform to national industry standards    4.The installation position, hoisting method and installation direction of the equipment shall follow the drawings designed by the workshop
4.Safety measures for equipment hoisting shall conform to the industry's operating rules and specifications for aerial work
5.The fixing of bolts and nuts for equipment hoisting, the welding and hoisting of fixed supports shall conform to the corresponding industry standards
6.The lifting of equipment shall ensure that the axial flow fan of the air conditioning unit is in a horizontal position
7.The derrick of the equipment shall be vertical to the equipment, and oblique stretching is not allowed
8.No foreign matter is allowed to enter the equipment
9.Equipment should be placed in a dry place

Mounting Notice
1.Because the heat exchanger of the air conditioning unit is exposed outside the equipment, and the copper tube of the inlet and outlet is very thick, but the heat transferring copper tube connecting the thick tube inside the equipment is very thin, and the joints are easy to be damaged. In the process of handling equipment, the water inlet interface and the water outlet interface are prohibited to be used as the leveraging point. The wrench must be used to fix the inlet and outlet, and then another wrench is used to install the inlet and outlet pipes. Otherwise, the internal water circulation cooling system can be damaged due to excessive force, resulting in equipment leakage.
2.The top protective cover of the air conditioning unit equipment cannot be artificially stepped on, placed or used as a leveraging point. The force of the protective cover will deform the protective cover, affecting the normal operation of the axial flow fan inside the unit, resulting in the failure of normal use of the equipment.
3.The operation of welding or grinding with sparks or open flames is prohibited above the air conditioning unit. This will cause sparks to enter the unit, causing the internal combustion of flammable devices of the unit and the failure of the use of the unit. If it is necessary to carry out the construction work with open flame or sparks in the upper part of the equipment, it is necessary to make good protection to prevent sparks from entering the equipment.
4.The main pipe and branch pipe connected to the inlet pipe and outlet pipe of the air-conditioning unit must be cleaned before docking with the equipment to ensure that the water of the air-conditioning unit is clean and free of impurities such as sediment and foreign matter, so as to avoid clogging the water circulation system inside the equipment and making the equipment unable to be used.
5.If there is a power line connection between the air-conditioning unit and the switch power supply of the control box and the main power supply control switch, it is necessary to ensure that there is no leakage of electricity at the connection point and the connection is in good contact, otherwise the equipment will easily ignite destroying the equipment after a long period of operation.
6.Water soaking and water are not allowed to enter the inside of the equipment, and the equipment is not allowed to be placed sideways and inverted.
7.No items shall be allowed to enter the interior of the device.
8.Independent ventilation units in the same control area must be balanced hydraulically with other independent units to ensure a balanced indoor temperature distribution within the control area.


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