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VRF air conditioner
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Indoor Unit AirTS-440N / AirTS-620N

Applications: ideal for high and large space that needs cooling and heating. Combine the direct-expansion and multi-connected unit with the recirculated air heating and cooling unit and other indoor units and use R410A as the medium.

Model: AirTS-440N, AirTS-620N

Function: cooling, heating

Cold and hot source: R410A

Control mode: wireless control, variable frequency, auto monitoring

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Working Principle

The VRF air conditioners, also known as "one-to-many," is a type of system where one outdoor unit is connected to several indoor units. Each indoor unit can operate independently or be controlled together. The system has an outdoor unit connected by pipes to indoor units that have components like outdoor heat exchangers, compressors, and other parts. The indoor units consist of fans and direct cooling elements. Using the pipes, the outdoor unit can supply cooling liquid to many indoor units. It controls the compressor's cooling fluid circulation and the flow into various indoor heat exchangers to meet the indoor cooling and heating needs.

The system's working principle is simple: the indoor temperature sensor controls the valve on the indoor unit's cooling pipe. By adjusting the pressure, the system can control the outdoor unit's compressor speed or change its operating mode to adjust the cooling capacity according to the load.

The multi-unit system has some key features:

Significant energy savings: The system adjusts the compressor speed and refrigerant flow automatically to operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption during lighter use and lowering overall costs.

Space-saving design: The outdoor units, usually installed on the roof, take up no extra space. With just refrigerant and water pipes, the system's layout can save on building height and costs compared to water systems.

Easy installation and reliable operation: Compared to centralized water systems, the multi-unit system has a simple setup, making it suitable for homes. With fewer components, the system runs reliably and safely.

Meeting different room requirements: The system can be arranged to meet various room needs. In some setups, while some units cool, others can heat simultaneously. In winter, the system can cool one area and heat another, reducing energy consumption and meeting diverse air conditioning needs.


Fall prevention warning monitoring

Working data collection and analysis

Wireless intelligent control

R410A as the medium

Energy saving,lower investment

Side supply air

Light breeze air supply

Support full AirTS products linkage control


Indoor Unit AirTS-440N / AirTS-620N


Rotating speed of fanr/min0~9000~860
Standard circulating airflowm³/h0~67000~10100
Rated cooling capacitykW4561.5
Rated heating capacitykW5069
Electric powerkW0~0.850~1.8
Applicable distance for horizontal air supplym<15<24
Control mode
VAV stepless regulationVAV stepless regulation

Indoor Unit AirTS-440N / AirTS-620N

G (external thread)mmDN25DN32
Liquid pipe sizemm12.7015.88
Air pipe sizemm28.5828.58
Joint form





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