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The energy-saving air conditioning system for high and large spaces encompasses various media types, including cold/hot water, steam and electricity which allows to meet the needs of heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification and dust removal for buildings ranging from 4 to 30m in height.

This type of product combines the advantages of high-space air conditioning with the perfect combination of gas, and has the function of heating.

The AirTS HLVS fans adopt wing shaped blades, which can minimize air resistance and efficiently convert electrical energy into kinetic energy of the air. It can stir the indoor air thoroughly and create a natural wind effect with adjustable wind speed, providing a comfortable indoor environment in high and large spaces.

The control system has constantly integrated the advanced computer technology and communication technology.

The equipment control is completed by computer and control system automatically, and the wireless communication technology is used to control operation.

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+86 136 7509 6029

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